I am a designer, strategist, and passionate thinker. I founded BlueKite Interactive on the belief that the best designs comes through listening and actively engaging with real users. My mission is to help you take your ideas and concepts to market with research-driven interactive experiences that delight end-users!
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& Strategy

I will guide you and your team through my design process to deliver an experience that drives results.

User Research
& Validation

Using industry tools and best practice, I will help you uncover ways to improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

Visual Design
& Development

I will work closely with you to create a fast and responsive site that can be viewed on any device.

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1Discovery Workshop

An onsite visit to work with you and your team to fully map out your idea/concept.

No boring presentation, these are highly focused, interactive, and fun sessions. Upon completion of this workshop you will have a clear understanding of the functional areas of your new product and a clear roadmap on how to successfully deliver it!

2User Research

A crucial component of any well-design solution is to KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER. Various tools and methodologies will be leveraged to paint a clear picture of your customer segments.

A customized strategy will be delivered to fill in the gaps of customer knowledge and provide the critical insight needed to guide the project in the right direction.

3User Experience Design

I have had more then a decade of training and real-world experience solving challenging problems like yours. Iterating rapidly from sketches to interative prototypes.

Working closely with your team, I will blend customer insights and business requirements to deliver a world-class solution that delights your users.

4User Testing & Validation

User Testing is essential in identifying the trip wires that prevent users from accomplishing their tasks. Industry leading tools and techniques will be used to validate your solution with real users.

The data collect helps to make targeted improvements to ensure your product resonates with your customers.

5Visual Design & Coding

Always up-to-date with current HTML/CSS best practices, I can create a pixel-perfect web representation on any designs. With a thorough focus on performance, you can be confident any implementation will load as quickly as possible.

What does this all mean? It means we can deploy your solution fron concept to a fully interactive, high-performing web portal.

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Goal: Increased conversions through designing a slick and intuitive shopping experience.

Projects completed:

  • Streamline Desktop Checkout
  • Streamline Mobile Checkout
  • Improved SmartPak Builder Application

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Goal: To give mobile users access an easy way to browse and register for the wide array of wellness classses Emerson offers.

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Healthy Living Program Emerson Hospital

Goal: To give mobile users access an easy way to browse and register for the wide array of wellness classses Emerson offers.

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BCBS Federal Employee Program

Goal: Create a robust fulfillment portal for BCBS internal users to easily manage/procure collateral for annual events and programs.

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South Texas Arthritis Care Center

Goal: Create a modern and educational website that creates awareness of the Arthritis Care Center practice.

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Elvis helped us build a UX department from scratch at SmartPak. He brought both the ability to grab the overall strategic direction and the strong implementation skills needed at the startup phase. Overall, the processes and deliverables he developed had a great positive impact on our current ecommerce presence and helped assure our continued success in delighting our customers. His contribution has been extremely valuable and I am fortunate and delighted to have worked with him.


Elvis has a very unique combinations of strengths. He possesses a combination of the following skills which are all excellent: graphic design, usability, idea creation, team work skills, imagination, technical knowledge and experience. When you are in a design meeting with Elvis, he fills the room with positive energy and makes work fun which in turn makes everyone else more creative. Elvis has tremendous leadership potential and I would hire him in a heartbeat to work on my software projects.


Elvis is one of the best among all designers I have ever met. Passionate co-worker with lots of knowledge in his field of design and information architecture. He is precise and detail oriented professional who can focus on many tasks at once and finish every one of them in scheduled amount of time.


Elvis is a top-notch UX designer. He is a creative thinker with excellent graphic design, IA, and communication skills. He is a team player...a great collaborator that values other's opinions while also contributing his own ideas. He is very comfortable working with business owners...helping to translate requirements into compelling designs through the use of wireframes, mockups, and prototypes while encorporating valuable user feedback. It has been a pleasure having Elvis as a key member of my UX team..


I have both worked with and hired Elvis for a number of projects over the years and have always been impressed with the excitement he brings when tackling a new project or challenge.

Elvis' skills as a designer are very strong and he follows a development/design process that clients will appreciate. This approach is structured, yet swift, and clients are left confident that their project is on the right path.

Lastly, Elvis' ability to work with clients and team members to solicit feedback/ideas is exceptional. He is a genuine leader that draws the best out of those who are lucky enough to work with him.

I look forward to working with him again in the future.


I worked closely with Elvis on the Rational Software web team. He is a creative and dedicated web designer, especially in the areas of Flash animation. He consistently produced jaw-dropping designs for our internal clients. In addition, he has a great personality and is fun to work with. Elvis has a great talent and will be an asset to any company or organization.

-IBM, Rational Software

Elvis is a wonderful resource for web design and creative services overall. His personality is a joy to work with, and his efforts go above and beyond, every time. He will always put in the time to make sure a project is done to specifications, and done as best as can be. I would recommend Elvis Tam on a personal level, as well as for all contract business and project development. He is a rare find, and is a great communicator!


I have known Elvis for 4 years. We worked together on Several internal/external projects. Elvis brought extensive knowledge of Design and Web Development to all the projects we worked on. Elvis shines at collaboration, sharing knowledge, and helpfulness with others. He has a passion at being creative and it shows in his web designs. He always makes me smile when I work with him and makes the job fun! I highly recommend Elvis.

-Sorriso Technologies


  • Peoplefluent
  • SmartPak
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • Kiawah Island Real Estate
  • Emerson Hospital - Healthy Living Program
  • Partner+Simons
  • IBM
  • Doonbeg
  • Christophe Harbour St Kitts
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